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Haejung Hofman,
Based in San Jose, California, USA

My professional background spans 13 years of video production and architectural photography.


My journey started on the streets of Tokyo in 2009 when the introduction of the GH2 ignited my passion for cinematography. With camera in hand, I captured the vibrant street scenes of the city. Ever-ready, whether it was the bright light of day, the stillness of late-night hours, or the tranquility of early mornings. Tokyo became an invaluable classroom for honing my skills and a breathtaking cityscape for my education.


As a cinematographer, I remain an eternal student, always seeking fresh approaches to capture the perfect image that continually eludes us.


Beyond my love for film and photography, I am an avid fencer. I compete nationally and am a volunteer for the Central California Division of USA Fencing.


I look forward to collaborating with you on your upcoming film production.


Haejung Hofman


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